Volunteers with a love of roses wanted at Belmonte Arboretum!

The garden at Belmonte Arboretum is lovingly cared for by a gardner, with the help of a large group of volunteers. We are currently searching for extra volunteers, who would like to take responsibility for the maintenance of our roses.

Belmonte’s significant rose collection includes some important, interesting, and rare wild and historic varieties, as well as more modern garden roses. The maintenance of these roses must be carried out with care and attentiveness. The collection manager, Miriam Lemmens, and Jaap Pasman, the gardener, develop the yearly maintenance plan and schedule the necessary tasks. New volunteers will of course receive guidance in carrying out their responsibilities.

A love of roses is a must: The work requires some physical exertion and prickles are always a danger! Some typical tasks include: weeds the rose beds, pruning away dead wood or leaves, raking the soil and spreading mulch or leaf litter, and ensuring that the edges of the rose beds remain neat and not overgrown.

As a volunteer you will need to be available on Tuesday mornings: That is when all the volunteers gather together to maintain the garden. Most work is carried out in smaller teams, each of which is usually given particular garden beds to maintain, or have other fixed tasks assigned to them. Importantly, we always enjoy a coffee at the Koetshuis together!

Our volunteer team currently stands at about thirty members. Almost all are in the 60-80+ year age group, but age is unimportant: volunteers of any age are welcome! Sufficient fitness to carry out the work is of course a prerequisite.

The reward for doing this work: A splendid and healthy rose collection!

Interested? Simply come by Belmonte Arboretum on a Tuesday morning. At the “Koetshuis” ask for Miriam Lemmens, or send us an email at info@belmontearboretum.nl

Photo’s: Bart Braam

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